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I spent the first portion of my life growing up in the same place and just when I was matured and settled, a big gust of wind set me on a course to new unpredictable adventures. I have no idea what my path will be and how many things I will run into, but the ride is sure fun!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where am I?

Holy shit! I have not been here for over a year! That's sad. I had to struggle to remember my password and how to even post. I just figured if Scummy could make an appearance, then so could I. Let me get my shit together and I will update everyone on the last year of my life. So much has changed!! Okay, well maybe nothing has really changed, but I'm happier and less bitter now and have a good man in my life. Yay me! I have been missing everyone! Talk to ya real soon!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Who knows!

I have completely lost my drive to blog! Mind you....this has nothing to do with my sex drive. I am just bored with talking about my life and need a new I am going to take a break and see what happens. I hope to still visit you guys now and then and try to keep up, but I just dont know. Miss me!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy VD!

The holiday not made for single people. This day sucks....have a great one!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

HNT break and weekend recap

I have decided not to do HNT until I get in shape (which could be never), but I am doing really good!

I am back to myself today.....yesterday was weird....must have been a freaky hormone thing. So, let me tell you about last weekend. I started in Salina on Friday night(of course) so I could relieve some tension before going to KC. My man had been sucker punched by some black guy the night before I got there and had to have stitches in his lip. It was huge! We didn't go out because he didn't want to be seen....he's just vain like that. Why is it all the good lookin ones gotta get their faces messed up? damn! Anyway, he took a pain killer and got loopy for a couple hours, so of course I fucked with was funny!
Saturday, Sierra and I headed to KC and had lunch with my birth Dad. It was fun and she got to hang out with her cousins for a little bit. Then we went to a huge arcade....side note: Hot guys go there....who knew! We did some shopping and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. That place is so cool, it's an animated jungle. Eventually, we ended up at Pearl's new house(adorable I might add). Sierra babysat her daughter while we went out. I must have danced a lot at the bar, cuz I was pretty sore the next day. We all went to an after party at Gay Flash's house and I stayed(and drank) until 6am. There was all kinds of fun...including drunkin 4 wheeling, arm wrestling, midget lesbianism, and freakin the cat out. Good times!
Sunday....holy hell, I rolled outta bed still drunk I think and had to do the entertain the kid thing. We tried to go to the IMAX cuz they were showing Happy Feet, but when we got there(after getting lost), they were showing some stupid elephant thing. So we bought some shit in the gift store and headed on our next adventure. We had decided to go ice skating, but Sierra wanted to go back to my Dad's and play with her I grabbed an energy drink and a cappucino and we headed out. I left her at my Dad's and I went back to Pearl's thinking we were going to party some more for superbowl....nope, everyone was still draggin like old folks from the night before. PBC and Annabel were sick, so I didn’t even get to see them *tear* and SHS had to work. I did hang with Scumbag though and his baby loved me….naturally. She is so damn cute….we totally bonded. I tried to snuggle with Scummy on the couch, but was denied….he’s such a tease! I think next time I better get him drunk…..or maybe it was the fact his wife was there….hhmmm. Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of the trip and I want to send a big hug and kiss and thank you to Scott and Pearl!!
I have some news that may shock and awe some of you….I am polish. Yes, I said it…..I am POLISH. I just found out for the first time this weekend that my Dad is ¾ polish. That makes me……well….a shit load polish. So, bring on the jokes….I’m ready!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tough Hump day

I wasn't going to post today because I am very busy at work and also emotional.....but, since this is my online place to let things out I'm gonna let it out. I had a great time over the weekend and I will get to that eventually. The thing that has been on my mind the last couple days is what direction my life is going. I thought I was perfectly happy being single and alone until I spent Superbowl Sunday in KC and realized I was the only non-couple there. For the first time in a long was depressing. Am I ready to date? When would I have time? How do I do it? All these questions are plaguing me. I don't have the first clue anymore how I would even start a relationship. All I know how to do is catch the guy....not keep him....cuz I have not wanted to. Shit! This is like the most vulnerable I have ever been on my blog....and it's not pretty. I'm gonna go look around for some pill that might snap me out of this! I promise to come back later and be my non-mental self again. Later!

Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm participating!

It's fuck you Friday....and all I have to say is FUCK YOU COX! Our internet has been up and down all damn week, making my job a nightmare. Today we are only at 50%, so it's slow as fuck! We finally have a technician coming out between 10am and next year.

On a happy's Friday and I am leaving town tonight! WOOHOO!! I will be staying in Salina this evening with some friends....and partying. Then I will be staying at Pearl's Saturday night.....and partying. Then, I will be staying at Pearl's again Sunday night.....and....yep, SUPERBOWL PARTY! I know Sierra is going with me, but that's the great thing about having a Dad so close to the action. Her and I can do the fun family shit in the day and then I can still have my nights for play time. I just hope I still get in the car and come back! Speaking of cars.....mine is in the shop being fixed and she won't be done in time to take I am stuck with a tiny little foreign POS to drive all weekend. Yes, that's better than I am not complaining...AND, I get unlimited milage with my rental insurance....whoot!

I am sticking with my exercise! I went last night and pushed myself to pain once again....and I am liking it. I wonder if that's a sick sexual thing I need to explore. Ha! Anyway, have a great weekend guys and I will talk to ya on TMI Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Time for a change!

This whole being fat and old(er) thing has taken it's toll. I am finally fed up with the image that stares me in the mirror each morning! So what do I do? I get all gun-ho and over-do it. What an idiot! Last night after work I went to my daughters basketball practice. As soon as I get there the other 2 coaches decide we need to split up and scrimmage. Shit, I ran my ass off. Then I went to the gym and took a class called zoomba. It's like going to a club and dancing some major hip-hop and salsa combined. I was a sweaty mess when I left there. THEN, I played 3 games of volleyball about 9pm before crawling into a hot bath. I woke up a hurtin unit today! I took a walk this morning, so I am feeling better, but tonight is going to be a rest night. I am gonna take it easy on the weights Wednesday and hit it hard on Thursday again before going out of town....where I know I won't do shit but drink. Athough I have promised my daughter ice skating....that is exercise right? I will prolly come home with a broken something or other....but hey, at least I will have something to blog about!

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